Wednesday, April 13, 2011

=> Somali Pirates Can Be Defeated

The French government originally wanted to negotiate, even in the first case they pay a ransom for the ship and crew were released. But the French government after a long time annoyance as well, until finally they take the hard, attacking the pirates.
Now in Puntland, the pirates in the eastern village of Somalia, there is the term 'Options France'. The pirates, according to Burnett, is to avoid this option because they know the risks. "They know French commandos going after them. And they know that the French commandos who chase them will not survive," says Burnett.
After the incident three French ship, the Somali pirates now avoid merompak French-flagged ship. According to Burnett, France sends a strong message to the pirates: Do not you dare merompak French! French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, also played a sentiment of nationalism in the face of pressure Somali pirates.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

=> Somali Pirates

With the ransom money per ship reaches millions of U.S. dollars, it is not impossible if the pirates had his life wallowing in U.S. dollars. They are surrounded by pretty girls, big house and acres, the car brand from Europe and Japan, and of course the latest weapons technology.
"No information today. No comment," snapped one Somali pirates by satellite phone lines, such as the BBC's heard. He then ended the conversation with a slamming of the phone.
His tone was nervous. Possible he nervously waited to see if ransom millions of dollars will flow into their pockets. Somali pirates had just hijacked a Ukrainian ship, MV Faina. That scene is the content of this ship as much as 33 Russian battle tanks.
Because of this dangerous cargo, the pirates became a little worried. But they're still waiting for the ransom. Who exactly are the pirates? According to residents in Puntland, the region became pirates village, they have a high lifestyle.
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=> Three Groups Somali Pirates

Somalia Mohamed Observers say there are three major groups that became the forerunners of pirates. The first group is a former fisherman. They are the backbone of the operation because pirates are so familiar with the Gulf of Aden.
The second group is a former militia of the Somali civil war. They became executor pirates. The last group is the IT expert. Those who operate sophisticated equipment to merompak ships at sea, including communicating through satellite phones and weapons expert.
British research institute, Chatham House, to report piracy action in a year could reach 30 million U.S. dollars. Pirates are also more aggressive and play hard to determine the ransom. The ship MV Faina have to pay if you want to release 22 million dollars! Although the latter dropped to 8 million U.S. dollars.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

=> 7 Tips to Choose Aura Therapy

Various terms are used, there is a call to open an aura, an aura surgery, the generation of aura GHOIB, Ruwatan, ruqyah, etc.. Some seem very modern, some are intentionally directing an aura therapy as a matter of profound mystical unseen. Maybe you are so confused to choose which is good and right.
As a guideline, here are some points you need to understand and pay attention to choose the right aura therapy:

1. Aura is not a mystical phenomena. Aura is a medical problem of psychological, chemical, and ordinary physics can be studied scientifically. Detection of Aura Science is also not much different from other medical analysis tools, such as X-ray and ultrasound photos. It has been proved by Prof.. R. Kirlian from Russia in 1935. In the countries of Eastern Europe and China, Aura therapy since the 1970s has been widely used by doctors at the Medical Hospital to treat patients with psychological symptoms, surgery assistance, and also to reduce the side effects of chemical drugs, especially cancer drug. In America, Aura Science has also been studied in depth. S. Karagulla, MD in the 60s has been found and write a scientific review of "energy fields around people."

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

=> 10 Tips to Improve Memory Brain!

FACTORS age not the cause a person becomes forgetful.
It could be because the brain experiencing fatigue and experience overload due forced to work from time to time. So this does not
occurs, and your brain able function maximum, it''s good follow the troubleshooting tips san given Dominic O''Brien, champion, the world''s eight for category recall. Here are simple tips that it provides for improving working memory.

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